J.J. Johnson – The Eminent Volume One + Volume Two

For over four decades, until his death on February 4, 2001, J.J. Johnson (Or Jay Jay, as his early recordings had it) was the preeminent voice on trombone. So Fixe was his position at the top of the polls-even during this years of film scoring and his subsequent retirement from performing-it is easy to forget that his stature with the public, and that of his peers among the modernist, was not alwasy so exalted. At the time this recording session took place in 1953, Johnson had responded to the lean time facing his jazz generation by withdrawing from full-time playing in favor of a more scure factory job. When the titles were reissued on 12″ LP two years later, Johnson’s fortunes had reversed, and he was celebrating the first of a string of a poll vicotires taht would spread across the decades. These are some of the perforamnces that helped tunr matters around.

The Eminent Volume One


01. Capri
02. Lover Man
03. Turnpike
04. Sketch
05. It Could Happen To You
06. Get Happy
07. Capri (Alternate Take)
08. Turnpike (Alternate Take)
09. Get Happy (Alternate Take)

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The Eminent Volume Two


01. Too Marvelous for Words
02. Jay
03. Old Devil Moon
04. It’s You or No One
05. Time After Time
06. Coffee Pot
07. Pennies from Heaven
08. Viscosity
09. You’re Mine You
10. ”Daylie” Double
11. Groovin’
12. Portrait of Jennie
13. Pennies from Heaven (Alternate Take)
14. Viscosity (Alternate Take)
15. ”Daylie Double” (Alternate Take)

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