Julien Dyne – Glimpse


Following on from the success of 2009’s “Pins and Digits”, Julien Dyne announces the release of his second full length album “Glimpse”. Stylistically a continuation of the futuristic elements hinted at on “Pins and Digits” “Glimpse” offers studies in shimmering melodies, woozy beds of rich harmonic sounds that pulsate over thick percussive backdrops. Featuring the vocal talents of She’s So Rad, Ladi 6, Parks, Mara TK (Electric Wire Hustle ) and Claire Duncan (Dear Time’s Waste) this record contains elements of soul and indie vocals against a backdrop of futuristic Hip Hop beats.

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01. Bent (Intro)
02. Masks
03. Get Closer feat. She’s So Rad
04. Glisten Up
05. Thirsts
06. Who Are You feat. Ladi6 and Parks
07. Ernst
08. Rago
09. Creebin
10. Looseends
11. So Far feat. Mara Tk
12. Toe
13. Koln3
14. Rubberneck
15. Inner Duplex 2
16. Candy Apple Grey feat. Claire Duncan
17. Glim
18. Cheed
19. Slings

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