Jay Dee – The New Slave


Beat tape of the goat J Dilla, enjoy!


01. Dunnun It Kalimba
02. Weedem
03. 87 Key
04. OG Breath And Stop
05. Vanity And Slide
06. Make Rough Rugged And Raw (Keep It Hardcore)
07. Sexy Ways
08. In Space
09. Payback Is A Grandmother
10. Search
11. Do It Be It See It
12. Yabadabadabada
13. Do It Be It See It Damnit!
14. Triple Layer
15. Sucka Bitch
16. Fade In
17. Im So Glad Your Dorothy
18. Transfizzle
19. Trustmakers
20. When You’re Older
21. On The Drums
22. Falling Upin
23. Rhyme And Ammo
24. Brown Kev Off His Ass
25. Organ Donor
26. C.I. Master
27. Snapping Necks In Africa
28. Saginaw
29. Stinging
30. Filtered Cassette
31. Coming Attractions
32. Alice Lost Her Keys

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5 Responses to “Jay Dee – The New Slave”

  1. KanZulu says:

    Happy birthday J Dilla

  2. JayPea says:

    Many, many thanks for posting these beat tapes. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate Dilla month.

  3. doommega says:

    thanks dilla! you are the best! thanks guys for psoting his work and let’s continue this forever!

  4. opop says:

    please re up too please please please :)

  5. calohugo says:

    http://www. /?3f86i30tddc2odd

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