J Dilla – The 1996 What Up Doe Sessions


Beat tape of the goat J Dilla, enjoy!


01. Rockhuh!
02. Upper Gogypt, Lower Gogypt
03. Ahmad Impresses Me
04. Dinco C
05. Still Shining (Raow Raow!)
06. Go It Up
07. Roxanne Ashby
08. Wordplay
09. To The ZZ ZZ Ah You Don’t Stop
10. Gneric Dill Pickles
11. Carvel’s Milkshakes
12. Ash Rockin
13. Stakes Is Higher
14. Hi Pitch Organ
15. Complain
16. Side B
17. Believe It
18. Indecisive Sput
19. Sunbeams
20. Jack Handy
21. This Swan
23. On A Single Note
24. Outside My Lust

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12 Responses to “J Dilla – The 1996 What Up Doe Sessions”

  1. Cheeks says:

    Thanks a lot for these two beat tapes !

  2. Iztapan says:

    why do you call him the goat?

  3. Fab says:

    G reatest
    O f
    A ll
    T ime


  4. thebeliever says:

    This is probably the best production of all time. Dilla at his best. Genius. I love you Dilla

  5. mslovher says:

    Please reup the dillas links

  6. Mike Washington says:

    please re-up the dilla links please and thank you peace .

  7. OneManArmy says:

    http://www. /?1af704kl4idw1h6

  8. Cub says:

    much love for the re up. peace and love

  9. Follyka says:

    LUV U Dilla..

  10. expander says:

    can you re-up this link pleeeeaseee???

  11. Toyo says:

    re-up this link please ) tnx

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