D’Angelo & The Testimony – Live in Paris 2012


The live show recorded! props to Funk It!

D’Angelo – Vocals, Guitar, Yamaha CP70 electric piano
The Testimony: Isaiah Sharkey (guitar); Jef Lee Johnson (guitar); Ray Angry (Keys); Pino Palladino (Bass); Chris Dave (Drums); Robert Lumzy (Drums); Kendra Foster (Vocals); Jermaine Holmes (Vocals); Charles “Red” Middleton (Vocals).

internal mics > Olympus LS10
Recorded by nicnouille


01. Playa Playa
02. Feel Like Makin’ Love [Roberta Flack cover]
03. Ain’t That Easy [new song]
04. Devil’s Pie
05. Chicken Grease
06. The Line (intro) > The Root
07. The Charade [new song]
08. I’ve Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body) [Parliament cover]
09. Shit, Damn, Motherfucker (inc. bass & drum solo)
10. Solo medley: Brown Sugar (tease) > Jonz In My Bonz > Spanish Joint > Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine > Cruisin’ > Higher > One Mo’Gin > Untitled (How Does It Feel)
11. Another Life [new song]
12. Sugah Daddy [new song]
13. Space Oddity [David Bowie cover]
14. Brown Sugar

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