Blu & Madlib – UCLA


New stuff from Blu, 15 tracks all produced by Madlib, enjoy!


01. mad meets blu
02. fully crack
03. california bears
04. funky cowboy meets the funky drummer
05. burgandy whip (w med & jimetta rose)
06. what u c (w med & jack spade)
07. ez
08. call my nga (w bubb watts, swheatpee & lil stoney)
09. fo’ figa rings
10. we got it! (w co$$)
11. play w love
12. giv m up
13. interlude
14. cut up
15. dodger stadium

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12 Responses to “Blu & Madlib – UCLA”

  1. Davide says:

    Is it possible to have a high definition copy of the cover in 3000×3000? :D

  2. frank says:

    Thanks dOk…., great post. I’ve heard though that Blu is getting lazy on mastering etc and performances….. Such a shame as he is so talented….

  3. untchble says:


  4. Loof says:

    Man Blu is better than this.
    I’m not saying the lyrics are bad and Madlib never has wack beats. It’s just the quality seems to be getting more Lo-Fi with everything Blu releases.
    Nonetheless still good music.

  5. gordon says:

    that cover is wallpaper worthy!!!

  6. Bernaldo says:

    Couverture aguicheuse, contenu gouteux!! Merci

  7. Malik says:

    Blu’s not getting lazy with mixing anything. This is the sound he wants for his albums and has been doing since 2009. I mean Madlib produced it, if that doesn’t say it was intentional then I don’t know what does.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They were beats by Madlib, but Madlib and Stones Throw had nothing to do with it, and were not involved. Blu did this entire album, without notifying Madlib. That’s why the album was removed from Blu’s bandcamp within twenty-four hours of him posting it on there.

  9. kaic says:

    i’m arriving late, links are dead, doesn’t matter, God quel cul magnifique !!!

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