Piero Umiliani – La Ragazza Dalla Pelle di Luna


This is the soundtrack for a 1970 Italian film that played out the romantically charged story of a couple coming apart against a sultry tropical island locale. Fittingly, composer Piero Umiliani’s score mixes jazzy romanticism with strong tropical rhythms to create a score that is both lush and exotic. It is built on one main theme, “Pelle Di Luna,” a hypnotic tune that is seductive and bittersweet all at once. This theme is repeated through the majority of the cues. This could have resulted in a dull score, but Umiliani makes it work because he consistently takes the theme in new and interesting musical directions through imaginative arrangements; the many forms it takes on include an acoustic guitar theme with chorus, a solo organ piece, a mellow instrumental built on steel guitar, and a full orchestral version that mixes layers of the vocal chorus over swirling strings.


01. Pelle di Luna
02. Pelle di Luna
03. Mahe
04. Addio Isola Felice
05. Tanto Tempo Fa (Extended Version)
06. Il Santone dell’Isola
07. Seychelles Isole Dimenticate
08. Seyga Seyga
09. Bossa at Seychelles
10. Ricerca nell’Isola
11. Pelle di Luna
12. Un’Incontro Fatale
13. Danza del Fuoco
14. Un’Isola Felice (Extended Version)
15. Stella del Sud
16. Tanto Tempo Fa
17. Laguna Tropicale
18. Tanto Tempo Fa
19. Stella del Sud
20. Ricordandoti
21. Danza della Luna
22. La Ragazza Dalla Pelle di Luna (Extended Version)
23. Funerailles d’un Heros
24. Tanto Tempo Fa
25. Pelle di Luna
26. La Ragazza Dalla Pelle di Luna

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2 Responses to “Piero Umiliani – La Ragazza Dalla Pelle di Luna”

  1. Davide says:

    Just to say… “La ragazza dalla pelle di luna” means “The girl with moon’s skin. Said like that it looks like she has got to use Topexan, but in my language sounds way too poetic.

  2. Michelle says:

    This shit is beautiful

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