Kae – Yasmine Bey


I discovered Kae just some days ago and it was an instant love with her voice, i grabbed some songs from soundcloud and i asked to her if she was ok with that, well she replied with a cover and a name…. so here it is! Some are unmixed but as i said i love her voice and i’m happy to share this!

my fav one:

yep, i probably love this woman, more here:  soundcloud.com/kae_work_in_progress and more info here: facebook.com/Kae.Bey


01. Happy
02. Over You
03. So Far (prod. Blessy) (no mix)
04. Whenever there is you (Koop Soul & Freddie J)
05. He Say (I Need Your Attention) – ft. The Roots Dilla Joints
06. Hold You Down (prod. Afta-1 F O R M) (no mix)
07. What About Us – (Brandy Revisited) ft. Derfa
08. Certainly, time’s a wastin – Badu Jam
09. Body and Soul Freestyle (feat. Dela and Robert Glasper)

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  1. frank says:


  2. Mafu says:

    this is chillin she sounds sexy too

  3. C says:

    Very nice
    I like her flow.

  4. Albert says:

    Can you please please re-up the link

  5. daprinceofrhiphopsoul says:

    …i like the song you posted and immediately thought of Amy Winehouse for some reason. I have to reach out to yasmine on Soundcloud as well. THANKS!

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