read this.

You surely know what happened to megaupload and you surely know what’s happening to all cyberlocker services, they are shutdown their services or banning accounts/deleting files, 90% of links on the blog are no longer available because of that.

hard times, but i’ll be ok.

take care,


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  1. Lucky says:

    FUCK THE SYSTEM thats all i can say

  2. untchble says:

    Thanks for the update. Keep strong and we will see what happens. Take care!

  3. Maduel says:

    francesco, continua a suggerire artisti, album, come hai sempre fatto, il download era importante per scoprire meglio la musica che ci proponevi, ora i cyberlocker cercheranno di mettersi in regola, ma noi lettori un metodo per poter almeno ascoltare ciò che consigli lo troveremo.

    Certo non è giusto scaricare materiale e materiale, ma con tutta la crisi che c’è sarebbe impossibile, per uno studente con una tal voglia di scoprire come me e penso come parte dei lettori di questo blog,
    scoprire e ammirare vera musica sopratutto quando nei negozi gli album costano parecchio (e qui in Italia difficilmente si trovano).

    Io nel mio piccolo se un album mi piace parecchio, cerco di comprarlo originale per supportare l’artista, ma il mondo musicale è molto vasto ed il mio portafoglio sta sempre a secco :(

    Quindi vai Francesco!! grazie a te ho scoperto album che nessun altro mi avrebbe mai consigliato, continua a diffondere la conoscenza!

    Grazie, Emanuele.

  4. Naima says:

    nella speranza che non sia la fine, è stato bello.

  5. IzReal says:

    This sucks…but like the saying goes, Life goes on. We will prevail. I’m still gonna stay connected with you either through your blog or through facebook. I really enjoyed a lot of the stuff that you put me on to. I hope to also get my blog up and running and try to do the same. We are what runs social media and the internet. Let’s keep it moving. Love, peace and hair grease.


  6. rcj says:

    wish i could have had an opportunity to hear all those Miles Davis and John Coltrane albums that you posted…

    thank you for the blog

  7. Bernaldo says:

    Salut Francesco,

    Tout d’abord merci pour toutes ces découvertes, te suivre au jour le jour est magnifique. Si je comprends bien, à cause de la fermeture mégaupload, tu arrètes de nous enchanté??

    Je fait parti d’une équipe HIP HOP sur DOWNPARADISE, nous nous soutenons pour continuer à voyager et prendre du plaisir avec toutes ces musiques!! VIVA LIBERTA



  8. Fred says:

    Good. The world needs exposure to Jazz.

  9. Klaus Der Geiger says:

    Keep on going, Fran. Like the whole bunch of Jazz you posted .
    Megaupload was shut down, ’cause our stupid German “friend” Kim Dotcom and his entourage has payed people to upload illegal content and do this in a really provocting swaggering way.
    I see no direct danger for other services like rs or mf and the russian services like narod, ifolder, rghost … are still open.
    Some filesharer (filesonic, fileserve…) surrender, ok. Life goes on :-)

  10. Ben says:

    Thanks Francesco for the amazing work you are doing, your blog must live this is a light in our days.

    Jazz is our religion
    Hip hop is our way of life

    Take care !

  11. Barza says:

    mi aggrego a maduel e ti ringrazio per il lavoro finora svolto qualunque cosa tu decida di fare adesso, con la speranza che tu possa continuare come sempre. grazie

  12. speaker says:

    Unbelievable, all this hard work. Keep it real Rappamelo

  13. Maryy says: <- alternative created by "anonymous", the anti SOPA group. it may be useful :)
    and just wanted to say thank you for all the good stuff you post, this is the best blog i've ever seen, you've got a daily reader over here :)
    greetings from spain!

  14. j23 says:

    bummer. i hate to see it happen this way. thank you for your dedication to spreading amazing music.

  15. Esk Ur Tze says:

    Vendrán tiempos mejores…

    Thanks, from Spain.

  16. Toji says:

    Thankyou for all your year’s work. I’ll be telling my friends what they destroy in ignorance.

  17. frank says:

    Keep it alive dOk whatever happens, even just with recommendations through soundcloud etc, as you have immepecable taste and I shall support you no matter what. I’m sure you shall find a way! I salute Rappamelo and what it stands for! Great music and knowledge!

    Stand strong!!!

  18. jah says:

    we with you brother

  19. Nobody says:

    Just keep using Rapishare and you should be cool, they don’t scare too easy.

  20. Paolo says:

    Hey Rappamelo, greetings from Manila, Philippines. Thank you for always sharing your music with us. Hopefully, this will be resolved in a way that can make us all benefit somehow.

  21. FrankeL says:

    Find another outlet man, I check this site 15 times a day.. You have more impact than you know. Thank YOu

  22. thanks for all your work and hang in there, I would suggest using mirrorcreator due because it saves files on multiple file hosting sites.

  23. BK says:

    Keep high on life brova!!!

  24. MrDiMaggio says:

    Thanks man, Your selection is the greatest. Keep it up.
    Thank you again!

  25. truth says:

    you’ve put us onto alot of great albums i would have never heard and then went & brought. keep doing your thing man its a minor set back (i know it must suck after all the hard work though). they cant shut everything down the people are always one step ahead! their will be different host from other countries that the USA nazi police states cant touch.

    keep doing your thing man dont stop!

  26. Stonwin from france says:

    Thanks for all !!! others solution will be found !!!

  27. osso says:

    Continua così Francesco

    Il problema sta nel non realizzare che il web è come una valanga: una volta partita non si può fermare. Chiuderanno Megaupload? Ne faranno un altro. Come in tempi più difficili chiuse Napster e nacque Winmx o Morpheus.

    Siamo a un altro livello ora, se si vuole supportare l’artista si va al concerto e in loco si compra il disco casomai.
    Il rapporto diventa più equo e il problema vero è più per gli artisti di massa che per quelli più piccoli, statene certi.

    grazie ancora!


  28. jazzyjoe says:


    What about torrents? There is always a way.

    Make your blog registration-required and disclose torrents only to registered users?

    I know it breaks the cyberlocks-money-making support, but … ?


  29. loop_digga says:

    Be a officer? You WICKED overseer!
    Ya hotshot, wanna get props and be a saviour
    First show a little respect, change your behavior
    Change your attitude, change your plan
    There could never really be justice on stolen land
    Are you really for peace and equality?

  30. Milimonster says:

    This is the only site I check every day, you’ve put me on to so many great albums / hidden gems i would never have heard of otherwise! This is a great service to the music appreciators community. Please continue in any way you can!

    Nuff respect!


  31. Olivier says:

    Un grand merci à toi, nous avons besoin de cette bonne musique !

    Thanks from France

  32. javier says:

    Son tiempos dificilies aun asi animo y gracias por subir tan buenos lps.

  33. Fil says:

    DoK, just wanted to say that i’m a real fan of the artist selection you’ve uploaded on this blog, an that since a couple months back i’ve been checking your site daily (4x). Thanks for sharing your love for music!! peace bro

  34. subjec says:

    my favorite website ever…i think it would be cool to keep posting even if links get put down. just post info about the album, i’ve already gone out to some record stores and found some of the albums posted on here. great stuff man best blog ever!

  35. Covalenz says:

    Aguante viejo, habrán nuevas formas para seguir compartiendo la música.
    Excelente blog. Saludos desde America del Sur.

  36. anonymous says:

    well this makes me appreciate rappamello even more! When the resources are abundant i just keep downloading and not spending too much time on it.

  37. puremagicmatador says:

    love the breadth and diversity of your site…keep on keepin on…thanks again for all your tremendous posts

  38. Anders says:

    Hey mate, sorry to hear about all the megaupload business. Either way though just want to express how grateful I am for you putting up this site and keeping it running. The tunes I discovered here got me through some rough times and kept me going. Cheers mate, wish you the best and thanks!

  39. Picknicker says:

    remain strong

    Kim Dotcom is a fucking hero.

    Hot blog!


  40. thebeliever says:

    greedy bastards. thanks for everything mate. I’m out.

    There will come a time when all is for free ’cause… We’ll support only those we really want. Those who deserve it. A record company is just not entitled to cash in on shite product. We support artists through live shows. A studio work should be that icing on the cake imo.

  41. J.Bickford says:

    Again, thank you for what you do! Peace and love from Massachusetts, USA.


  42. Ishwip says:

    Greetings from Washington, D.C. Thanks for what you do.

  43. David Soto says:

    Awesome blog, really been digging it for the past year, one day these fools that call themselves the ‘record industry’ will understand what we are on about.

  44. Mou says:

    Too bad all this shit, there are hundreds of albums i’ll have to wait to listen to, when all this situation calms down, hopefully.
    Thank you so much for all your work, dOk, all the great music you’ve shared with us. Hope Rappamelo don’t die!

  45. raek says:

    your blog is amazing!! thank you for make me know loads of good artists and wonderful music:)

  46. Carlos says:

    Kkk keep on keeping on

  47. Ricardo says:

    Thanks mate. This blog is so good, so keep it up!

  48. Cheeks says:

    Your blog is one of my favourites.

    Thanks from France.

  49. JP Pier says:

    Francesco, mi ricordo come se fosse ieri quando, alla chiusura del nostro blog ”vecchia edizione”, facesti un bellissimo commento e ci davi tutta la tua solidarietà. Ecco allora di rimando io e tutti noi a MFS ti rinnoviamo la nostra, e, come altri hanno giá detto, ti raccomandiamo di andare avanti colle tue proposte e le tue idee. Importante é non lasciarsi soffocare da una bieca censura che comunque potrà anche vincere qualche battaglia, ma di sicuro non la guerra. Un abbraccio da tutti noi. Pier

  50. tinak says:

    Non so se mai riusciro a ricompensarti e ringraziarti!
    sei una luce per la mia conoscenza!
    e grazie a tutti i ragazzi connessi. grazie a voi mi sento anch’io vivo.
    Vi auguro musica vita e libertà!
    Teniamoci in contatto

  51. Outis says:

    This is by far the best website I have ever stumbled on. This is the most extensive blog for good music. Whoever you are man, you have an incredibly deep knowledge of music that is worth listening to. I agree with many who have already posted, keeping posted regardless of upload ability. Your recommendations alone carry more weight than anything another music blog can offer. Stay up.

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