Yuk. – Of Wilderness


” A selection of remixes from this past year. Wanted to share these songs through some sort of yuk. collection. Official and unofficial remixes for and/or from:ahnnu, run dmt / happy family, Teebs, Ras G, Mane Mane, Ana Caravelle, Anenon, knxwledge, devonwho, and mndsgn. Also a celebration to coincide with the launching of the “of wildermess” blog. Sort of an all things yuk. sonic & visual journal. Several upcoming releases this year both art & music! l o v e & l i g h t “

For more info check: www.myhollowdrum.com


01. Ahnnu – Old Rag (Yuk. Let Go Vox Rendition)
02. Run DMT/Happy Family – Amandahugnkiss (Yuk. Live Re-Edit)
03. Teebs – Burner (Yuk. Remix)
04. Ras G – Dustierthandigital (Saturn Spores for G Yuk. flip)
05. Mane Mane – Skin Fox (Yuk. Remix)
06. Ana Caravelle – Anti-Anxiety Pill (Yuk. Rendition
07. Yuk. – Oh Shaman (Anenon Remix)
08. Yuk. + Devonwho – Shining Restitch
09. Yuk. + Knxwledge – Dahlia[4yuk]87
10. Yuk. – Greenflash Ritual (FrashingRites Mndsgn Remix)

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