VA – Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 1-2-3

One would never have imagined that an unexhausted supply of amazing funky, groovy compositions and hidden treasures from the 1970s would emerge from the vaults and shed light on the world over 30 years later.

“Dramatic Funk Themes” is a collection of such gems, all of which originate from the archives of the Themes International Music Library. Soundtracks for scenes which did not exist at the time – sometimes action-packed, dramatic or driving – such as a high speed car chase – or sometimes more laid-back and relaxed like crusing in a ragtop through the city. These are the scenes played out over a musical backdrop loaded with wah-wah guitars, deep basslines, rhodes, clavinets, analogue synthesizers, hammond organs, flutes, razor-sharp brass, groovy percussion and solid drum beats.

The Themes International Library was founded in 1973 as an offshoot to its parent company KPM by England’s elite studio session musicians Alan Parker, Alan Hawkshaw, Mike Moran and Barry Morgan.
The sounds and arrangements from the Themes Library were way ahead of their time, with their classic breaks and beats, and remain today on the most wanted lists of rare groove collectors, DJs and hip-hop producers alike. Also worth noting is that, in addition to the recordings made in London, some were put to tape in Munich with the support of none less than the brass section of the Max Greger Orchestra!

Themes International Library LPs were never available for purchase by the general public and were pressed in small quantities solely for the purposes of supplying music samples to the radio, television, film and production houses. Nowadays one has to dig very deeply in the pockets in order to snap up these treasures on auction sites such as Ebay. Depending on the album, prices can lie in the range 40 to 400 US Dollars (e.g. “The All American Powerhouse”).

Volume 1 – British Rare Grooves From The Themes International Music Library 1973-1976


01. Les Hurdle – Soul Train
02. Alan Hawkshaw – Flashpoint
03. Kenny Salmon – Flying Squad
04. Allan Parker – Sweeny Todd
05. David Lindup – The Observer
06. Kenny Salmon – Get Up And Go
07. Alan Hawkshaw – High Driver
08. Madeline Bell & Alan Parker – Soul Slap
09. Keith Roberts – Override
10. Mike Moran – El Zoro
11. Alan Tew – Scenechange 6a
12. David Lindup – At Risk
13. Johnny Pearson – Work Force
14. James Clarke – The Heavies
15. Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennnett – Oddball
16. Alan Tew – Headlights
17. Alan Hawkshaw – Speed Run
18. David Lindup – Inside Information
19. Mike Moran – The Pick-Up
20. Alan Hawkshaw – The Investigator

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Volume 2 – Thrilling Rare Grooves From UK’s Leading Music Libraries 1970-1980


01. T. Elerth – Beatin’ It
02. John Hawksworth – Flash Barrier
03. Frank McDonald & Chris Rae – Soul City Drive
04. Keith Mansfield – Hot Property
05. Nick Ingman – Thrust
06. Brian Bennett – Drama Montage
07. John Cameron – The Great Escape
08. Steve Gray – Nevada Junction
09. Dave Gold – City Police
10. Alan Hawkshaw – Fuel Injection
11. Keith Mansfield – Jagged
12. Johnny Pearson – Product Efficiency
13. Duncan Lamont – Punch Drunk
14. Martin Kershaw – Riff-Raff
15. Sound Prospect – Hit Man
16. Frank McDonald, Chris Rae & Gerry Shury – Fast Drive
17. John Saunders – Gun Man
18. Nick Ingman – Tense Preparation

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Volume 3 – Roaring Rare Grooves Action & Detective Breaks 1972-1983


01. Leer Paul Leary – Nowhere To Run
02. Dieter Reith – Andy
03. Ernst Arno – Outlines Part 3
04. Simon Haseley – Prototype
05. Gerhard Narholz – Open Game
06. Peter Reno – Contact
07. Unknown Composer – Fat Man Part II
08. Jean Pierre Desvernois – Blue Jeans Danse
09. Dave Patterson – Solid Funk
10. Bunny J. Browne – Schizo
11. Keith Mansfield – Staying Power
12. Sammy Burdson – New Background A
13. Konrad Plaickner – Competition Start
14. Danny Edwardson – Stuck In
15. Marc Rosen – The Connection
16. Barry Stoller – Disco King
17. Dave Richmond – Police Car
18. Peter Martin – Stick And Stones
19. Frank McDonald Chris Rae – Plug In
20. Manfred Schoof Uwe Buschkotter – XY Patrol

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