The Baker Brothers – Time To Testify


With over 10 years worth of experience and a number of releases on labels such as EMI, P-Vine, and Freestyle, UK funk & soul titans The Baker Brothers land at Record Kicks with their seventh, and latest musical opus “Time to testify”. In the new album The Baker Brothers pick things up where top singles “Once I Had a Friend” and “Patience” left off. The result is “Time To Testify”, a brand new album that sees The Baker Brothers hitting their stride as they mix elements of modern soul, jazz, funk and everything in between.

From modern soul winners such as “Once I had a frined”, “Patience” and “The Bottom Rung” to surefire crowd-pleasers such as “Make Your Move” and “Feeding Freddie” and groovy jazzi-funk instrumentals like “Genki Strut” and “The Young Patter”, the seemingly effortless prowess of The Baker Brothers takes center-stage and holds no prisoners. Now can I get a witness!

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01. Statement Of Intent
02. Make Your Move
03. Painting Pictures
04. Once I Had a Friend
05. Patience
06. Decision Time
07. Feeding Freddie
08. Pices Of The Puzzle
09. Stick Up
10. Hang Loose
11. The Bottom Rung
12. Roll It
13. The Young Patter
14. Snap Back
15. Head South
16. Genki Strut

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