Nujabes – Spiritual State


Final and posthumous album from Nujabes (rip), enjoy! by the way, I really would like to know how much the album was completed before he passed away.

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01. Spiritual State (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
02. Sky Is Tumbling (featuring Cise Star)
03. Gone Are The Days (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
04. Spiral
05. City Lights (featuring Pase Rock & Substantial)
06. Color Of Autumn
07. Dawn On The Side
08. Yes (featuring Pase Rock)
09. Rainyway Back Home
10. Far Fowls
11. Fellows
12. Waiting For The Clouds (featuring Substantial)
13. Prayer
14. Island (featuring Uyama Hiroto & Haruka Nakamura)

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6 Responses to “Nujabes – Spiritual State”

  1. nick says:

    In answer to your question, i really believe this is mostly uyama hiroto’s work and less nujabes’. While many artists are known for experimenting and maturing as artists, they don’t just skip from style to style. It’s a gradual development and this album simply strays too far from his last work.

  2. gza says:

    good lookin, out! been waitin for this one!

  3. AZ says:

    I don’t think Uya would have had Jun’s name if he reworked most of these. He has too much respect for his mentor. Uya did all the flute work, and reworked some of the arrangements, adding the layers that make it quintessentially Nujabes sounds, but this is still a Jun Seba record.

  4. Sucka says:

    It’s for sure a grower. Definitely different than the last.

  5. QA says:

    The download links are dead. Please reupload new ones!

  6. Neb says:

    yes please for the links!

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