J*DaVeY – New Designer Drug


When merging hip-hop culture, electronic innovation, a soul/funk spirit and a punk attitude – you can often reference the magic that is J*DaVeY, a multi-talented duo out of Los Angeles, CA. Composed of vocalist/emcee Jack Davey and producer/writer Brook D’Leau, J*DaVeY has gradually captured the attention of an international cult following over the past ten years. J*DaVeY is known to give you a “drug-induced” soundscape that takes you far beyond the confines of any particular genre.

For more info and buy check: www.jdaveybaby.com


01. Listne
02. Queen Of Wonderland
03. Whatcha Lookin @
04. Kill 4 Fun
05. Rock That Ship
06. Turn The Ligths Out
07. Little Tramp$
08. Topsy Turvy
09. MaMa’s Back
10. This One
11. Anything Goes

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