Finest Ego | German / Austrian / Swiss Compilation


A while has passed since our last compilation has been released but just in time for the 2011 holiday season Project: Mooncircle and Finest Ego bring you the already fifth edition of our acclaimed compilation series. Shifting focus towards central Europe, we find the three countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sharing lots of their historical and cultural heritage, this copious collection contains work from producers of a wide range of musical manifestations – all located in the spectrum between traditional sample-based and organic sound to electronic and experimental compositions. Grown up in the nineties with the organic sounds from across the big pond and a long tradition of electronic music in the German speaking world, this compilation showcases the fusion of electronic and classical soulful organic elements in the beat scene. The sound is as diverse as the country and its people, from Spaetzle to Klopse and from HipHop to Techno, on this compilation you can find Boombap from the likes of Brenk & Suff Daddy but also electronic sounds from the likes of Robot Koch and Bit Tuner as well as atmospheric sonical waves from Glenn Astro and Anthony Drawn. The influences vary from Jazz records, video games, Hip Hop, Drum ‘n’ Bass and Techno. But are there two different camps clashing here? Retro vs future, mountain village vs urban center, winter vs summer…

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01. Chief – Check This Out (Additional Vocals by Ghostape)
02. Brenk – Dolla Bill
03. Dexter – Painquillizer
04. Mono:Massive – Cloud
05. Hulk Hodn – Nicht Mehr Als 6 Euro
06. Captain Crook – Gemetzel Geplant Ganove
07. Stroe – Les Biscuits
08. Hubert Daviz – Zwischenspiel
09. Comfort Fit – Hundred One Percent
10. Robot Koch – Follow Birds
11. Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie – Astro Funk & Welfrieden
12. Quendolin Fender – Nightwish
13. Ju-Ar – Tropical Vibrations
14. Twit One – Treestessa
15. Suff Daddy – Amazonas
16. Figub Brazlevic – A Plante Out Of Control
17. Szenario – Paranoid Polaroid
18. Portformat – Platinum Soul Rebels
19. Flowtec – Brainsick
20. D-Fekt & Mr.Beef – 90Prozent Of Me
21. Bit-Turner – Cranberry Temper
22. Feux & Kalifornia Kurt – Gossip
23. B-Ju – Linguist
24. Playpad Circus – Sequence 57
25. Flex Fab – Pulpo
26. Ill-Luzion – Lucid Dream
27. Anthony Drawn – Sugar Across The Sea
28. Hazeem – Nemesis
29. Minor Sick – We Used To clash Like Buses
30. XL The Red One – Green Hands
31. Glenn Astro – You’re No Good
32. Frederic Robinson – So close To Being Himan
33. Willy Sunshine – Malkovich Malkovich

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