The Roots – Undun


2011 release, the first conceptually-based album from The Roots. Undun quickly reaffirms the creativity of the outfit that are notorious for pushing the envelope. The album’s first single is “Make My” featuring Big K.I.R.T. Undun is an existential re-telling of the short life of one Redford Stephens (1974-1999). Through the use of emotives and Redford’s internal dialogues the album seeks to illustrate the intersection of free will and prescribed destiny as it plays out `on the corner’. Utilizing a reverse narrative arc, the album begins as the listener finds Redford disoriented–postmortem–and attempting to make sense of his former life. As he moves through its pivotal moments he begins to deconstruct all that has led to his (and our own) coming undun.

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320kbps quality.


01. Dun
02. Sleep
03. Make My (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Dice Raw)
04. One Time (feat. Phonte & Dice Raw)
05. Kool On (feat. Greg Porn & Truck North)
06. The OtherSide (feat. Bilal & Greg Porn)
07. Stomp (feat. Greg Porn)
08. Lighthouse (feat. Dice Raw)
09. I Remember
10. Tip The Scale (feat. Dice Raw)
11. Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)
12. Possibility (2nd Movement)
13. Will To Power (3rd Movement)
14. Finality (4th Movement)

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14 Responses to “The Roots – Undun”

  1. Tahlid says:

    Shit maddd Wack as fuck not pleased at all from these clowns just to think it all started with Wack as phrenology and everything that followed were straight misses but this inparticular album sucks way beyond expectatio maybe the house Nigger jive band was a suitable mix because thus far it just seems that they lost there true standing in the game not to mention Malik B not being a official member there musical duality was lost all and all the album was a dissapointment and honestly these artist complain about sales but lack any true musical quality!!

    • Sihle says:

      Rubbish man! I can’t agree with that at all. The Roots’ sound has actually gotten richer over time, drawing from virtually all music styles but without losing the plot. After just 1 listen, I would say this is another solid effort. 1 thing I would agree with you on: Malik B is definitely missed. His absence though does not diminish this project…

  2. frank says:

    Agreed, The Roots for me have always put in great work into all of their albums. Granted they continue to experiment which purists probably find difficult to digest. But look at this album for what it is -a concept album with great musicianship as always and Black Thought always sounding on point!

  3. Cameron says:

    I haven’t heard this album yet man, but that’s some greasy talk about The Roots past few albums. I was a fan of Game Theory for the most part but How I Got Over was instant classic in my ears.
    I respect your opinion and your right to disagree, I’m just taken aback by it.

  4. bickford says:

    this is their best lp yet. idiots and pale white Europeans with no real connection to the music will chime in- but fuck them.

  5. Michele says:

    “Pale white Europeans” ???


  6. RikUno says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with “Tahlid” to a degree… Their earlier albums for the most part consisted of hits until Phrenology. Since then the majority has been misses… I’m a big fan of these guys but they actually sound better on LNJF. Experimentation is cool but don’t get lost in it.

  7. samual goldstein says:

    I knew thing would be shit as hell. If you are going to offer rubbish work like this then questlove might as well get 9th wonder to produce the whole thing. lol.

    Stale bread is what it is. Is this what happens when you get offered the comfy blonde chair and become a house band on tv? Hmmm. Well, Phrenology was equally shit.

    No pretender, uni – verse, clones or 100 percent dundee? No more.


    Oh yeah. Fuck cody chestnut. These extra not needed niggas.


  8. frank says:

    I second that dOk! Respect please…, constructive yes -no negatives in Rappamelo

  9. SPAWN-ZERO says:

    The Roots is always trying to bring that new innovative sound I guess when you mature your sound does as well.Their discography is musical its not brain-f@cking like most old school rappers trying to blend in with the new kids on the block.The Roots is still rock!rock!rockin it!

  10. J.VAN.S says:

    I – for one – Remain a hardcore fan, as I have been since the first releases they ever did. I have not yet heard this latest, however I certainly will… I’m usually kind of long-winded, I’ll try to be brief.

    Cody is NOT a needed component on any of their albums and only one of his attempts has worked. Also, they’ve lost me on a lot of the bland somewhat lost and often out-of-place / out-of-context hooks and choruses – even on the last three releases which I thought were otherwise STELLAR efforts, lyrically & sonically and get high grades musically (though not AS high as the words and mixes).

    Innovation is grand, however, when your fan base (and thus, your main revenue stream) is primarily all tre-to-life Hip Hop Heads (based on the music that you made back when you were still Hardcore Hip HOp Heads yourselves), you should think about innovating WITHIN that framework and the ever-expandable parameters of Hip HOp as it’s grown and evolved to allow and include a great many more influences and nuances.

    So – don’t run to blame Innovation when your work is no longer as strong as it once was. Here’s a good quote for a lot of artists out there lost and constantly trying to catch/keep up…

    “… NOT ALL ‘CHANGE’ is ‘PROGRESS’…” and not all innovation is improvement. Peace To The (Original) Roots Crew and to a lot of their offsrping (Beenie Sigal, Jill Scott, JazzyFatNastees, Dice Raw, Peedi (Peedi) Crakk and a host of others first brought to us on a Roos chorus or collab)… Get back to the ROOTS of what you are… a HIP HOP BAND … ‘member?

  11. J.VAN.S says:

    Also – ALL RACISM SUCKS… even for the ‘Cool Kids’ on the ‘Good Side’.

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