The Howard Roberts Quartet – Out Of Sight


Description: In this decade, everything is happening. The Music scene is a fertility rite in full eruption. One Of the dependably liveliest excitements is Howard Roberts. As guitarist, he possesses the consummate artistry of the virtuoso, and he is totally hip to what’s happening. As Head man of the Howard Roberts Quartet, he drivers a group that showers wit and ideas like a comet sheds sparks. Howard’s “Out Of sight” has a different sound. It is the contemporary Roberts playing the new, contemporary, good music. It is also something more. As closely as words can indicate it, here are the elements: the Quartet, hip, creative, often humorous, and playing with magnificent ease. Bright splashes of brass, and some out-of-sight percussion. Plus, in keeping with today’s sound-seeking. a little secretic electronic “experimentation” – tasteful, unobtrusive, but intriguing and effective. Result: a fresh slant on the “In” sound… the “In” Sound with class, highlighting the crispness, the non-stop virtuosity, the earthy funk of the Howard Roberts Guitar.


01. Fred
02. The Girls Of Spain
03. Music To Think By
04. Shifty
05. Wave
06. I Say A Little Prayer
07. It’s About Time
08. Spooky
09. Pretty Butterfly
10. Love Is Blue
11. Make Me Rainbows

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