Lee Morgan – Search For The New Land


This release is something of a departure for the bold trumpet stylist. After the Latin-tinged dance-floor jams of THE SIDEWINDER (released about six months prior to this disc), Morgan turns somewhat reflective. The music is quieter, with a good deal of structural space and restrained, almost expressionistic playing. The title track opens the album and evokes a mood of poignancy and careful balance, like a Japanese painting. Even the more up-tempo numbers like “The Joker” and “Mr. Kenyatta” are relaxed and thoughtful, the richly textured passages unfolding in a way that seems both organic and tightly disciplined.

Morgan’s playing maintains its articulate brightness, but his notes and phrases are carefully shaded. This is matched by Wayne Shorter’s sax work (also simultaneously edgy and lyrical), Grant Green’s glowing guitar and Herbie Hancock’s atmospheric contributions. Lee should also be recognized as a significant composer, since all the tracks here, with their floating themes and protean solo sections, are from his pen. Search For The New Land live up to its title, finding a high ground of intelligent, evocative work and outstanding playing.

Personnel: Lee Morgan (trumpet); Wayne Shorter (tenor saxophone); Herbie Hancock (piano); Grant Green (guitar); Reginald Workman (bass); Billy Higgins (drums).


01. Search For The New Land
02. The Joker
03. Mr. Kenyatta
04. Melancholee
05. Morgan The Pirate

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2 Responses to “Lee Morgan – Search For The New Land”

  1. Jahn P says:

    Great and accurate review dOk. Search For The New Land is one of my favorite jazz albums and as far as Lee Morgan goes, It is between this and The Sidewinder.

    A fan just dropping in to show some love. Keep up the good work.

  2. Elliot says:

    Though I’m not as big a fan of this album, it’s nice to read such a thoughtful and insightful review. Just reviewed this one too on my music blog. Keep up the good work (you’re on my blogroll now!).

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