DDay One – Loop Extensions (Deluxe)


Beautifully presented Deluxe Edition of Dday One’s debut album “Loop Extensions” featuring digitally remastered versions of the original tracks plus an alternate take, original demo and remixes. Newly reworked productions from 2tall/Omunit (All City Records), Glen Porter (Project Mooncircle), 2econd Class Citizen (Equinox), David Vangel (Equinox) , Long Arm (Project Mooncircle) and Inner Science.

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01. If Eyes Where Ears
02. Dust Ritual
03. Distant Memory
04. Unstable Material 2 (Existereo, Subtitle, AWOL One, Metfly
05. Mixing Paint
06. Second Set
07. Seeds Of Revolution
08. Nigerian Soil
09. MC’s On Strike
10. Originality
11. Sea Change (Alternate Take)
12. Unstable Material Instrumental (Orignial Demo)
13. Dust Ritual (Glen Porter Remix)
14. Distant Memory (2tall Remix)
15. Unstable Material 2(2econd Class Citizen Remix)
16. Mixing Paint (David Vangel Remix)
17. Seeds of Revolution (Long Arm Remix)
18. Sea Change (Inner Science Remix)

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  1. IEtherianSoul9 says:

    I come to your website almost daily and I’m amazed at the amount of collected works you have. I eat, sleep and breathe alternative/electronic Hip-Hop. Dday-One is nice though.

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