– This Is Not A Revival


BEAT.IT is a project focussing on an exciting musical movement.
The compilation we put together features tracks from a number of Italian underground producers, with musical genres ranging from funk to abstract, and including some of our most interesting and contemporary experimental sounds.
The project is a collaboration of Error Broadcast, Made in Glitch and ReddArmy, with the support of Get Beat, Homework Records, Il Vinilificio, Laid Back, Overknights, PTW School, Sentire Ascoltare, Snob Production and Snowy Peach.
Mastering by MattB at Made In Glitch Studios
Enjoy the beat!

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01. AD Bourke Vs. Costa – Ominide
02. A N.I.Q. Join – Campioni Gorilla
03. Morpheground – Where AM I?
04. Digi G’Alessio – Oh Yes I’M A Lonely Man
05. Hellomynamesisra – I Ree
06. Manuele Atzeni – Bum! Clack!
07. Colossius – Kentacky
08. Bainmass – Old Stuff
09. DJ 2Phast – Cluedo
10. Master Of Ribongia – Sunny Good Times
11. Grillo – Tasty Satellites
12. Kappah – 52
13. Railster – Andromeda
14. Bass Science – Wax Slash
15. Fintess Bitch – Singery
16. Container – Quack Methods

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