Samon Kawamura – Translations


Born in Heilbronn, Germany in 1973 Kawamura is half German and half Japanese. He relocated to Japan a year later when his family moved to Tokyo. Through studying at a German school he kept a firm link with his birthplace and at 21 he returned to German soil with a sampler in hand to supply the world with his drum heavy sampling technique.

Fusing down tempo loops and inducing drums, the album is a journey into the deepest depths of sampling and arranging. As Kawamura exposes his love for dusty drums and chopping samples he manages to make even the most complicated edits sound simple. ‘Translations’ is an album that will travel with you, scoring the neon buzz of cityscapes and rolling hills alike, and these instrumentals are sure to become engrained into your consciousness after repeated spins. (


01. Intro
02. All About You
03. Black Star
04. U Nu
05. One and One
06. Timeless Space
07. Somiya
08. Everlasting
09. Reflections
10. As We Come
11. Your are the Only One
12. Destination Blue
13. Astral
14. Aragon
15. Air
16. Tokyo Love
17. People
18. How Long
19. Last Call
20. Outro
21. Wake Up

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