Knxwledge – Hud.Dreems.EP


New stuff form Knxwledge, enjoy! 128kbps quality so buy HQ here:


01. Sirius Kris
02. EechDai
03. AnothrPoff
04. Unkanni
05. Unthnkable
06. Freedomb
07. Brokiin
08. Fallin

Link removed in request of Knxwledge

4 Responses to “Knxwledge – Hud.Dreems.EP”

  1. hugo says:

    this guy doesnt sleep.. amazing

  2. ryan says:

    lol ive been stealin his shit for too long so i actually payed for this :)

  3. samual goldstein says:

    I am intrigued by Knxwledge. He is “dope” – Michael Rapaport voice

    BUT, yet more Knxwledge? Is this OUTPUT any more different from the last one and the one before that and the one before that?

    Knxwledge please do not go all 9th wondery so early in your career.

    Also somebody tell Ras G TO STOP saying his name on every song he makes.

    Ohh raaaaaaaasssss. NO. STOP IT. You are spoiling your own work with that shit. Can we also move away from that damn air horn. Thanks.

  4. Jhenely says:

    I like the airhorn. Shit keeps us safe

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