Gonjasufi – The Ninth Inning EP


New stuff from Gonjasufi, enjoy! For more info check: www.hydroshare.tv


01. 9th Inning
02. Demonchild
03. Eatfish faet. Blu
04. The Lows

link removed OFFICIAL LINK
link removed MEDIAFIRE

10 Responses to “Gonjasufi – The Ninth Inning EP”

  1. braindrops says:

    forza gold panda! bravo!

  2. jj88 says:

    i’m seconding #2 here. cmon!

  3. j.bickford says:


    there it is. enjoy.

  4. dOk says:

    when will be available at hydroshare, sorry guys.

  5. jj88 says:

    it’s a FREE ep what’s the big fuss
    anyways, since it looks like it won’t be linked here, just do the usual ep and artist name + blogspot google search..

    • dOk says:

      there’s a partnership between the label and hydroshare, they asked to wait and that’s what i have to do.

      i will put the link again when will be available at hydroshare.

  6. Merkaba says:

    I was lucky enough to grab it before you removed the link and I can reassure you its pretty dope. Worth the wait guys!

  7. frank says:

    Yep, eatfish with Blu is dope!!!!!

  8. oeh-aaaahhh says:

    i can not wait for them to release this on vinyl.. :D

  9. jj88 says:

    Just to clarify, I didn’t mean the owner of the blog any disrespect.
    Glad the link’s finally up

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