Fitz Ambro$e – PDiSO Remixed


Fitz Ambro$e (CA) is a Tokyo based beat maker and producer originally from the remote Cape Breton of Canada. A long time hip-hop producer with deep roots in smooth 80′s soul and space funk, Fitz creates future-focused synthetic beat music filled with electronic intricacy. This is “Pdiso remixed” by Ahnnu, RLP, Sir Froderick, Ultragamma, Ichiro_, 5K3K51, Feldermelder, Called Understandable Souls, Cygnus, Elan, Budamunk, Mndsgn, Dibiase, Zero Charisma & Sauce81.

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01. Remixed by Ahnnu
02. Remixed by RLP
03. Remixed by Sir Froderick
04. Remixed by Ultragamma
05. Remixed by Ichiro_
06. Remixed by 5K3K51
07. Remixed by Feldermelder
08. Remixed by Called Understandable Souls
09. Remixed by Cyngus
10. Remixed by Elan
11. Remixed by Budamunk
12. Remixed by Mndsgn
13. Remixed by Dibiase
14. Remixed by Zero Charisma
15. Remixed by Sauce81

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