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Following the 50 Weapons split 10inch in January 2011 eLan, member of the highly praised and super eclectic WEDIDIT Collective (incl. Shlomo and several others), part of the Indigo Pyramid crew, resident of Critical Beatdown in San Diego, has released a much acclaimed vinyl trilogy on Monkeytown Records. This 2xCD contains the 12 original tracks from all 3 EPs as well as remixes from Modeselektor, Lazer Sword, Cosmin TRG, Byetone (Raster Noton), Anstam and many others. On top of all the vinyl highlights you will find several unreleased bonus tracks and remixes on this 2xCD.

For more info and buy check: www.monkeytownrecords.com


01. I Can’t breathe
02. Benson Bridges
03. Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp
04. Dry Lemons
05. Good High
06. Alligator Snaps
07. Hunting Season
08. Saccharin On Top
09. Shoot The Beam
10. Blackout
11. Next 2 Last
12. Down 4 You
13. 2in5our
01. Next 2 Last (Mindesign Remix)
02. Benson Bridges (HeRobus Remix)
03. Hunting Season (Mike Gao Remix)
04. Bleep Brrrrmmp (Byetone Remix)
05. Bleep Brrrrmmp (Lazer Sword Remix)
06. Good Hight (Devonwho Remix)
07. Alligator Snaps (Cosmin TRG Remix)
08. Saccharin On Top (DJ Pound Remix)
09. Hunting Season (Nasty Nasty Remix)
10. Bleep Brrrrmmp (Modeselektor Remix)
11. Shoot The Beam (Fitz Ambro$e Remix)
12. Saccharin On Top (Anstam Remix)

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