Blu – God Is Good


New (old) stuff from Blu! the bad thing is the quality of mastering….. . For more info and buy check:

UPDATE: infact was released last year as “theGODleeBarnes” that was supposed to be remastered but…. you know Blu…


01. the innocent
02. azulito the great
03. glory us deluxe. (feat l’s from glory)
04. never dream. (pro. by exile)
05. the gods & me.
06. grandma’s kitchen.
07. difficulties. (feat. cashus king & fam rep)
08. spanish winter.
09. be go(o)d! (feat sene)
10. the run out.
11. its okay! (feat definite & myth)
12. on mars with the stars. (feat sene)
13. smoking @ 6′n the mo’. (by cashus king)
14. city of los(t) angel(e)s. (feat cashus king)
15. all the king’s men. (feat tiron)
16. a world gone blind. (feat cashus king)
17. mello sunshine.
18. ’til we die.
19. crown.
20. outro (open mind dead).
21. (the bonus song) my boy blu!
22. benevolent offering & benediction.

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5 Responses to “Blu – God Is Good”

  1. Sam says:

    Wow this was supposed to be re-mastered but now $10 for the same stuff that was free and has been out for like 2 and a half years??

  2. Clint Partie says:

    I think this guy’s on hard drugs.

  3. Jimmy S. says:

    Thanx for the album !
    You knid of rightClint, but he planned to release so much album in a few time… That kills the quality some times… :(

  4. james says:

    speaking from my own point of view, he is killing his fan base by releasing all these shitty albums. just take your time and put out 1 awesome album once a year or however long it takes. we dont care we just want the best, not 5lp’s of junk

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