Renegades Of Jazz – Hip To The Jive


Renegades Of Jazz with their debut-album “Hip To the Jive”. Hip To The Jive album is a journey through heavy Big Band Jazz swing, an onslaught of massive break beats, exotic samples, wild and wonderful bass tones, B-Boy breaks and beautiful downbeat rhythms. Twelve raw tracks packed tight with energy and heavy production skills.

Played by the likes of Craig Charles (BB6 Music) and Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz) the Renegades Of Jazz sound has found a lot love and support worldwide. Through the huge success, Renegades Of Jazz is already taking shape to become a nine-piece live band set to take to the stage in 2012.

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01. Hooked On Swing
02. Karabine
03. Get A Wiggle On
04. Blow Your Horn
05. Voodoo Juju
06. Cascade
07. Black Milk
08. Jitterbug
09. Apple Sauce
10. Hip To The Jive
11. Solitaire
12. You Better Run

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    Im diggin it rite now and lovin it as well! THANKS!

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    Thanks for posting this! Great stuff! Love your blog!!

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    Thanks, I heard a track on the radio last nite and I’m really looking forward to this one.

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