Kankick – Rummage To Royalty


New LP by Kankick! thanks to the guy who sent me this. For more info and buy check: www.hhv.de


01. ‘tro
02. Monk Clap
03. Straw Flames
04. Ancestry
05. Puff 1 For The World
06. Roots, Trees, Leaves, Flowers, Plants
07. De La Fuente
08. Laserbeam (Beat Tape)
09. The Seed Of Class Greed
10. Tumble Weed in O.X.
11. O.X. Trinity Pt.2
12. St. Ides 40 OZ & MD 20-20
12. Wonderful Yum Yum
14. Palestine ‘tro

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5 Responses to “Kankick – Rummage To Royalty”

  1. kan says:

    yo man can you please take this shit down man? i aint make nuff as it is mane.

  2. KANTHRAX says:

    Who is this FAKE FUCK saying he’s I?
    (NO DIS DUDE..but Don’t fake that move home slice!)

    ANYWAY Take this shit down….
    Tell ‘em all stop playing with MY MUSIC!!
    This is all I’ll say ’bout it!

  3. kankick says:

    take this shit down, these niggas fake

  4. egal says:

    hey kan…i buyed the vinyl, but there is no other (official-legal) chance to download your album. so how will you spread your music for people which doesn´t have a turntable? it´s the same with count bass d! this guy hides his music with all power but its also very hard to buy some vinyl from him! anyway…wonderful album!

  5. HipHopheadz says:

    The lp has already been leaked around on other sites. I definitely feel the frustration, but in this day and age of technology, its almost IMPOSSIBLE to stop people from uploading. Even people who BUY your stuff will upload it just because… I found a cat on here, played his some of his stuff on a featured mix overseas and he ended up doing tours over there. Just some food for thought (Not like you need it and all) ;)

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