Indigo Pyramid – Shades Vol.1-2

In 2009 Indigo Pyramid formed as a collective of 6 experimental beat producers consisting of Infinite Potentials, Billion Dollar Quartet, eLan, 10th Letter, Nigel One and Zeroh aka Zeroh G7. In Feb. 2010 they independently released there first compilation Indigo Shades. The release instantly became a cult hit among fans of the present “beat scene culture”. Since the release of Indigo Shades each individual within the collective has released music and continued performing as individuals. Collaborations have continued within the collective as well and the fruits of that shall appear within the year. No one knows what will come next from the collective but there has been rumor of Indigo Pyramid becoming it’s own label imprint over the course of 2011. For now Skew Records proudly hosts this final free release from Indigo Pyramid. Skew became involved with Indigo Pyramid when Pyramid member Nigel One signed on with Skew Records in early 2010. So even though all the artists on this compilation are not represented by Skew Records we are very humbled and excited to be hosting this amazing compilation. We believe this compilation is a great representative of the crew and the worldwide beat scene and we look forward to see what comes of Indigo Pyramid collective.

Shades Volume 1


01. Indigo In
02. Sefffy Numix
03. Untitled Ish
04. 2in5four
05. Funk Junk
06. Still
07. When I Think About You
08. $130,000 Quartet
09. Trying To Remember
10. Lover’s Defect
11. Ish
12. Olulu
13. And Then
14. Broken Wing
15. Shoot The Beam
16. Pit Stop (Part.1)
17. Remember 2 Bounce 1
18. Betther Than Stonehenge!
19. Healiaum
20. Pyramid Out

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Shades Volume 2


01. 10th Letter – Journey Into The Lost Pyramid
02. Nigel ONE – A Talk With Kris
03. Infinite Potentials – Man From The Future
04. B$Q – Touch Taste Test
05. eLan – Tunnel Sludge
06. eLan – Damaged Goods
07. B$Q – Killin It
08. Nigel ONE – Blissful Wings
09. Zeroh Akhdar G7 – Plutonian Studderfly
10. Infinite Potentials – Lovesong
11. Zeroh Akhdar G7 – Melodikah
12. 10th letter – Floatation Technech

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  1. cool. B$Q and Nigel One been on the radar. gonna check this out.

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