Exile – 4 Trk Mind


In this man are the traces of becoming. the display of veins strung into a multi-colored silhouette of a man born out of the electric dawn of the late seventies. Birthed from a songwriter father who struggled to unveil to his son the distortion world of drugs, song, and love, he discovered early that we are all in exile from one another. The boy grew up fascinated with the world of horror films, new wave pop, rap music, and graffiti. His spray paint fingers grazed dusty record sleeves, transformed a cheep home stereo into a mixer, and connected a young man with the current that changed his head. After years of journeying through sweat drenched undergrounds, and strobe light shadows, a man emerged. One who finds consolation in the fractal universe, one who has discovered love in a Technicolor death valley, and one who realized that those of the Diaspora of love can find community through song, he radiates wax for us. A man who is wired to the electric field of his past where he has loves and lost, and discovered the intervals of an off beat, kinetic world, he offers his songs as flesh, this music is an artifact of a man who shares his quantum of experience, who wants you to plug into his design, bridge the gap of our individual exiles, and discover the art of becoming electric through analog tape hiss.

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01. It’s Me
02. The Man
03. You and I
04. Klepto
05. Love, Luv, Love
06. Younger Days
07. Crazy In the Head
08. Knight Rider
09. If You Know Like i Know feat. Alphabet Four
10. 4ever (Friend Zone Prt. 1))
11. Momma Song
12. When Nothing Left (feat. Blu)
13. 2039
14. Who Are You?
15. I Like You As You Are
16. Wanna Be

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4 Responses to “Exile – 4 Trk Mind”

  1. Daniel A. says:

    Hilarious write-up. Pace a te, fratello mio.

  2. bakero says:

    Exile is a beat-beast, thanks for this!!!

  3. gza says:

    I liked “radio” album waaay better! My personal preference

  4. Im Not A Spy says:

    im loving this, the beats are awesome, and the album cover cracks me up

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