Declaime – Self Study


New Studio album from West Coast hip hop artist Declaime also known as Dudley Perkins. Titled Self Study, the album is a introspective look at Dudley’s own self growth and his transition from an MC into a label owner. The album also serves as a wakeup call to the people of planet earth and is meant to be a tool to help raise the vibration on this planet. The album is being released on July 12th on his own label Someothashipconnect. The 17 track album is produced entirely by artist/producer Georgia Anna Muldrow, and also includes a 60 minute documentary called Inter Planetary Peace Talks.

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01. Introversion
02. Poet
03. Ship’s Doctor
04. Illicit Fonk (feat. Prince Po & Illicit Child)
05. Self Study
06. Fresh
07. Coonspiracy
08. East Meets West (feat. Kev Brown)
09. Perfect (Git A Taste)
10. Dirty Dude (feat. Officers Black & White)
11. Msonedrum
12. Zoom (feat. Med)
13. Tribal Warfare
14. Quartz (feat. Ogech Chieke)
15. Innervision (feat. The Rev)
16. Lifestyles (feat. Shana Muldrow)
17. Movin (Feat. Lmno)

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