Bahwee – Sketches


Sketches is a collection of old ass tracks + more recent shit that i decided to put together for yall as a thank you to everybody thats been fucking with me up to this point.  As some of you may know, i got this ep called The Gap coming soon that some of you might hate so this is sorta like an apology to all of you who liked Flavors and shit. I say that because I feel like im doing some different things on the next one, and not to say that i dont like my old shit, cause i do.. but its just that im not making stuff like this these days. Consider this the last of the pure hip hop joints, or who fucking knows man, i will probably go back on my word later. Fucking regardless, i hope that you find a couple in here that stick with you. I guess you could consider this the Flavors Bsides album. Some of these date back to 06 and are basic “sketches” or ideas and whatnot.  Big ups to Frans & Cheez of D&S Studios on the cover art and thanks again to everybody fucking with me, i love all you guys.


01. Doodle
02. Where Am I
03. Charlie’s Route
04. Hold Me Tight
05. Lounge
06. Funk
07. Holla Back
08. The Cure
09. Vanessa
10. The 80s
11. Cassie
12. Next
13. Mmhmm
14. Just Chilll
15. Snooze
16. Into The Night
17. Lovely
18. New Ending
19. Futures

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  1. SPN says:

    This is pretty dope!!!

  2. kespas says:


    this is shithouse. just served to remind me how bad ‘flavors’ is.

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