Shlohmo – Bad Vibes


Shlohmo drops his second LP of blunted HD beats with ‘Bad Vibes’ for LA’s Friends Of Friends. Hailing from the same scene which produced the likes of Matthewdavid, Flying Lotus and Gaslamp Killer, Shlohmo has carved a cozy niche with his more sensitive, unhurried and gently psychedelic angle on downtempo moods. His carefully detailed beats are quietly conversational and rich with subtle instrumental quirks, placing more emphasis on seductive, laidback moods than the hyper-complex, crossed-eyed psychedelic tendencies of his peers. ‘Bad Vibes’ finds its psychedelia in an abstract line of narration, playing through seamlessly from the tender beginnings of ‘Big Feelings’ to the turning point of ‘Us’, where the sense of melancholy seems to weigh heaviest and his beats begin to fray with a cracked sensitivity, especially in the untold dramas of ‘Trapped In A Burning House’ and the the digitally scuffed chamber pop of ‘Your Stupid Face’. Imagine if Savath & Savalas, Mount Kimbie and Burial were tasked with writing the soundtrack to a melancholy indie flick set in LA, and you’d be somewhere close to the impact of this album. Tip!

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01. Anywhere But Here
02. Big Feelings
03. Get Out
04. I Can’t See You
05. It Was Watever
06. Just Us
07. Parties
08. Places
09. Same Time
10. Seriously
11. Sink
12. Trapped In A Burning House
13. Your Stupid Face

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  1. adf says:

    amazing release, album of the year so far! highly recommended for people who like to chill the fuck out :>

  2. henry says:

    thanks a lot

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