Sam Rivers – Fuchsia Swing Song


Originally released in 1964, Sam Rivers’ Fuchsia Swing Song was released immediately after his departure from the Miles Davis Quartet. A session player and former member of Herb Pomeroy’s Big Band prior to working with Miles, this auspicious debut displays both his influences and that he was a self-assured seasoned player transitioning into greatness.

Personnel: Sam Rivers (tenor sax); Jaki Byard (piano); Ron Carter (bass); Anthony Williams (drums)


01. Fuchsia Swing Song
02. Downstairs Blues Upstairs
03. Cyclic Episode
04. Luminous Monolith
05. Beatrice
06. Ellipsis
07. Luminous Monolith (Alternate Take)
08. Downstairs Blues Upstairs (First Alterate Take)
09. Downstairs Blues Upstairs (Second Alternate Take)
10. Downstairs Blues Upstairs (Third Alternate Take)

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3 Responses to “Sam Rivers – Fuchsia Swing Song”

  1. mateo says:

    Oh my. This album is essential Blue Note listening as well as being one of Tony Williams earlier recordings.

  2. Mate says:

    Dude! I’m putting your blog on my main site! Everything i was looking for! It took me a while, and i couldn’t find it on tapes! Well Thanks!

  3. Luthermack says:

    Listening to Mr. Rivers now and I can remember the first time I heard “Beatrice”. I thought then that that song was one of those jazz songs that make you SO happy you can hear. My opinion hasn’t changed!

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