Kankick – Seeing Spirits


Seein Spirits is a slew of instrumental tracks sprinkled with vocal appearances by Vic Monsoon, Leeizm, Dudley Perkins, and the man Kanzulu himself. Laced with everything you’ve come to expect from Kan Kick: crunchy yet smooth rhythms, alluring melodies, and a wide gamut of influences. Dip it all in tape hiss and vinyl crackle and you’ve got an album that’s sure to set your head nodding.


01. Morning Interlude
02. Advanced Balance (feat. Vio Monsoon and Leezim)
03. Audio Car Chase
04. Paranoid (Skit)
05. First Of The Day
06. Violins Of Chaos (Whoop Em)
07. Seeing Spirits
08. 1974 (Funkin’ Peace Choir)
09. Memory Band Interlude
10. It’s Zuke
11. Alien Folk Urbanaire (Beat Tape)
12. In Space, In Love
13. Leathershop (Skit)
14. Undisputed Harvest
15. 45′s World (Tribute To The 45King)
16. Bill Withers Interlude
17. Better Waze (feat. Dudley Perkins)
18. Hold It In
19. Flowers For Minnie
20. Mas Fire (Skit)
21. Original OX Jazz Oats
22. Warped Mind Art Association
23. Not Seriously Taken
24. The Rituals (Never Typical)
25. Prepare Interlude
26. F.F.U.X. Kan Kritic
27. W.2.W.
28. Get The Fuck Up
29. Suckas Is Paranoid

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2 Responses to “Kankick – Seeing Spirits”

  1. FCheeks says:

    I just realized that I love his music by downloading this album and listening to it.
    Thank you so much.

  2. james says:

    can you please reupload this one

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