Kan Kick – The Traditional Heritage


Kankick’s earlier album re-issued for the 04! Music from 1996-200, featuring dope production, and guest spots from Medaphoar, Mystery’s Extinction (Blame One) and more…raps by Kankick too!


01. The A-1 Sound
02. Witness truthful Mystics
03. One Reason Why
04. Ocean Whistle (Interlude)
05. A Song For My Forefathers
06. Look At That
07. Amplified Dynastical
08. Lady Slick (feat. Unorthadox
09. Angle Exceptional
10. Here, There Goes Love
11. Dig the Tradition
12. Bread and a Rolls Royce
13. Down Get (interlude)
14. Unpredicatable
15. Egyptian Crystals (Discoverin’)
16. Xtraterrestrial Travelin’
17. To All The Duck Rap Radio DJ’s
18. F.L.S. (Do You Like)
19. Square Suckas Take Cover
20. Night Shine
21. Oodles Of Ounces
22. Fear is of the Mind (feat. Maysius)
23. Moderation (feat. Mystery’s Extinction)
24. Aquarian Meditation
25. The Blowfly (feat. Kancritic, Medaphoar)

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  1. scobolo says:

    dope album…i hope the new one “rummage to royalty” will be posted here soon. love

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