DJ Ezasscul – Jazz Meditation 3: The Final Installment


The finale to DJ Ezasscul’s Jazz Meditation Series, “Jazz Meditation 3 : The Final Installment“, displays DJ Ezasscul in rare form. The jazzy Brooklyn, NY producer is accompanied by a beautiful artwork painting design by Linn Karin Børsheim of Norway, to properlyshowcase and dress this classic album of jazz nostalgia.

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01. Hi (Yenny Love) (feat Ghostra Nostra)
02. One Take
03. Static (RIP Dwayne McDuffie)
04. Phantasm (feat 2mo’key – cuts by DJ Yasu)
05. As Time Goes By (feat Ghostra Nostra)
06. EZ Does It (feat Sonin – cuts by Abstrakt Idea)
07. Depart At 5:45
08. The Meditation (Relax)
09. Montara
10. EZ Does It (instrumental)
11. As Time Goes By (instrumental)
12. Hi (Yenny Love) (instrumental)
13. Lightly Heavy (cuts by DJ 2najz)
14. Live Life & Love
15. Take It EZ (feat Supreme Sol – Cuts by Abstrakt Idea)
16. Acrylics (bonus track)
17. Eternal Peace (Nujabes Tribute – feat DJ Sorama – part 2)
18. Take It EZ (instrumental)

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