B. (aka Blu) – Jesus LP


Recently, a mysterious album titled Jesus turned up on the popular music site Bandcamp, uploaded by an artist calling himself “B”. Soon, the LP was discovered to be the latest work from enigmatic L.A. rapper Blu, and within hours, it was the talk of the blogosphere.

Featuring production from Madlib, Alchemist, and Hezekiah, and an appearance from Planet Asia, Jesus features some of the most intriguing collaborations of Blu’s career. With fully mastered audio, plus CD and vinyl editions, this important edition to Johnson Barnes’ catalog will finally be heard as it was meant to be. Officially the debut for alter-ego “B”, Jesus is sure to satisfy the cult-like fanbase that’s been steadily growing around the artist most famously known as Blu.

For more info and buy check: www.nature-sounds.net


01. New S**t
02. What If I Was
03. On The Porch
04. Lucky
05. DMV
06. Burgandy
07. 4 U
08. Doo Whop (feat. Planet Asia)
09. Bird N Beez
10. Jesus
11. Do The Knxwledge

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2 Responses to “B. (aka Blu) – Jesus LP”

  1. mcdouph says:

    This site is incredible, why am I just hearing about it? haha.

    Keep it up dude, great blog. I’m a daily reader now

  2. Jhenely says:

    the interview with blu makes me want to buy this twice. “Lucky” was all done in one take.

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