Vanilla – High Life


Vanilla is a UK based producer, he released few weeks ago “High Life” which is a beat tape of 27 soul-sampling hip hop instrumentals, inspired by producers such as Dilla, Madlib and Onra, the cover caught me but these are also good beats and i suggest to enjoy!


01. Stringtro
02. The People
03. Good Times
04. Time To See
05. The Day
06. Way We Were
07. Endgame
08. Genesis (Change Things Up)
09. Believe
10. Keep On Walking
11. Love U
12. Mirage
13. Smalltalk
14. Do It
15. Synergy
16. C’Mon
17. HighFive
18. Soul Music
19. Soft Touch
20. Architect Music
21. Away So Long
22. Closer
23. Feel Like I Do
24. My Love Pt. I
25. My Love Pt. II
26. Work It Out
27. Whisper

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5 Responses to “Vanilla – High Life”

  1. artbrut says:

    excellent thanks !

  2. DJ Base says:

    Thanks Rappamelo – another great post!

  3. Gnomo_FLEX says:

    WHHAAAAAT! It got me blown…

  4. Gnomo_FLEX says:

    Great music. recommended for all times!

  5. kid fix says:

    REALLY great album. Loved every tune, and never fails to make me smile!

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