Suff Daddy – Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2 Suff Draft


Welcome to the house of Suff Daddy. Drunken boom-bap madness with a 09 state of mind. Dope beats, sick samples and twisted Mini-Korg licks, fuelled with weed and Pilsetten. This is not your average Prenzelberg producer. Suff Deezy is on his own shit. He has laced beats for Miles Bonny, Oddisse, Kissey Asplund and Flomega but the beat daddy is really at home with his solo joints.

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By the waysome weeks ago MPM released a cool boxset consisting of 5 LPs, 2 CDs (all volumes) with also a 52-page photo booklet by Robert Winter which could be a nice gift to yourself, more info >here<


01. Up In This Muthafucka
02. Andros
03. Now That You’re Mine
04. Chinatown Chill
05. The Paper
06. Vices
07. Daddy
08. Join The Club
09. D.I. Luv
10. Anti Swagger
11. Like That
12. Creepin
13. S.EX (Stuff Experiment)
14. Isley Interlude
15. Slip Liquor
16. High Life
17. One For Rawls
18. Stuff In China
19. Chocolate Mountain
20. LottaHydro

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4 Responses to “Suff Daddy – Hi-Hat Club Vol. 2 Suff Draft”

  1. Michele says:

    ooooohhh myyyyyy!!!!

  2. d says:

    Suff da shit!!

  3. elo says:

    great cover, how did he get his hands on a virtua boy?

  4. artu says:

    awww yeah…

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