Maker & Joe Beats – Falcon by Design


Together Maker and Joe Beats split contributions on the exclusive Fieldwerk Recordings LP, Falcon By Design. Maker’s side is a continuous mix furthering his theme of evolving depth with beautifully composed, carefully constructed instrumentals. He builds not only from song to song but from past work in his extensive catalog. On the flip, Joe Beats does the opposite. Unashamed, Joe “stays home” and presses on with what he is known for best, beats. His selections are unadorned and thick, revealing the true priority list of hip hop leveling.

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01. Maker – Jawbonafide
02. Maker – Everything Ends
03. Maker – Owner
04. Maker – Yap In My Pillow
05. Maker – Clocks
06. Joe Beats – Seldom Seen
07. Joe Beats – Park
08. Joe Beats – Spring
09. Joe Beats – Spring
10. Joe Beats – Korla Was Black

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  1. adafd says:

    this release is awesome, especially the beats from maker!

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