Leon – The Unseen Side Of The Moon


Leon it’s an italian producer and this is his new instrumental album, enjoy! For more info check: www.prodbyleon.tk


01. Hecate [Intro]
02. Blue Turning (Green)
03. Worth Detail
04. U
05. Oltranza (Most My Life)
06. Diamanti & Tracce
07. Give & Receive (Lasciala Sola)
08. What Life.
09. Tail (Fases)
10. The Unseen
11. Coffee Break
12. Craters (Life’s on Moon)
13. Horus
14. Mercy (15,34)
15. U Think It Be
16. Galilei Damnation
17. Phoibos
18. Decadimento Naturale (With Alchimisti Di Rime) (Unseen Remix) [Bonus Track]
19. Missin (Hi) [Bonus Track]
20. How To Lose A Women [Bonus Track]

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3 Responses to “Leon – The Unseen Side Of The Moon”

  1. jt says:

    Looks like “Leon” put a lot of thought into the album title… Unseen side of the moon? Come on! Blatant Pink Floyd rip off and a lame one at that! Even stole the cover art from Dark Side with minimal alteration. I know I should listen but the lack of effort on full display inspires me to run from this!

    • KingJames says:

      Lack of effort? I think it’s good to get inspired from other authors, especially, as you will find out once you listen to the tracks, from Pink Floyd music. you should just shut up until you listen to this. Peace!

  2. CJ says:

    This album is really good !!!!!!!!!!!

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