DZA – Supershark EP


Sasha Kholenko is DZA, a Russian beat-maker and producer at the forefront of the scene in Russia and quickly invading the rest of the world with his unique electronic hip-hop creations. Now it’s time for Supershark EP, a joint release between Jus Like Music Records and Project Mooncircle, the Supershark EP, is a hectic array of electronic mayhem with synths, bleeps and heavy beats. This release stands apart from the crowd with its exceptional layering of anarchic sounds over strong, unwavering, hip-hop-influenced beats and breaks. DZA’s ability to weave electronic sounds to create atmosphere and feeling is nothing short of astounding. 16 minutes of pure inspiration that will make even the most seasoned heads look up and take note.

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01. Apple Joo
02. Easy Go
03. Starshark
04. Miami Cocktail
05. Twat
06. I’ll Never Shirk The School
07. Shark Battle Tool

Link removed in request of Project Mooncircle

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