DJ Ezasscul – Jazz Meditation 1/2 (Mellow Soul)

Do you have a thing for Jazzy Hip-Hop? If so then let me introduce to you this young and talented producer named DJ Ezasscul. The 18 year old producer who already in High School played in a Jazz band landed his debut album on the top 25 best selling Hip-Hop/Rap albums on iTunes Japan. DJ Ezasscul is commonly known for having a Jazzy, progressive sound in his music similar to Nujabes and Pete Rock (DJ Ezasscul’s idols). Some projects DJ Ezasscul has worked on are “State of Mind” (debut album), “Jazz Meditation” (second allbum), “Tribute to Jun” (A collaboration project by Digi Crates Records dedicated to Nujabes), and “Remembering Nujabes” (A free collaboration project by DJ Ezasscul dedicated to Nujabes, the album features DJ Sorama, DJ B.M.C., and the legendary masher FreshGalaxy). Remembering Nujabes has gotten over 2,000 downloads and has been uploaded to many different websites by fans of Nujabes and DJ Ezasscul. DJ Ezasscul credits Nujabes for his success as an artist, he says if he hadn’t heard of Nujabes he would have never thought of becoming a producer.

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Jazz Meditation


01. When She Smiles feat. Thomas Prime
02. Jazz Meditation (Nujabes Tribute)
03. Dreams
04. Heavens Kyes (Nujabes Tribute)
05. Summer Shore
06. Night At Club Tokyo Pt.2
07. Let’s Do It Again
08. Time Passes feat. Jas Mace of The 49′ers
09. Looking Forward
10. The Center
11. Chillin’

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Jazz Meditation 2 (Mellow Soul)


01. Time Goes By
02. The Jazzy View
03. Steady Vibes feat. Fresh Sly
04. All Chilled Out
05. Just Relax (Interlude)
06. Lunar Winds
07. Eternal Mystical
08. Atmospheric Vibes
09. Just A Thought
10. Begging
11. A Jazzy Night
12. My Mellow Soul
13. My Girl
14. Steady Vibes (Instrumental)
15. Respawn
16. Looking Forward (Mellow Soul Edit)

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