Ubiquity Records Presents – Save The Music


Save the Music – A compilation for Record Store Day features exclusive new music from: AM, Princess Superstar, The Incredible Tabla Band, S.Maharba, Letherette, Dibiase, Jed & Lucia, NOMO, Shawn Lee, Magnetite, and a re-issued folky funk joint from Pats People.

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01. Am & Shawn Lee – Dark Into Light
02. Nomo and Shawn Lee – Upside Down
03. S.Maharba feat Jed and Lucia – So Much Skin
04. Jed and Lucia – Apostrophe (Shawn Lee Mix)
05. Pats People – December Sequel
06. Magnetite – Don’t Close The Door
07. Jed and Lucia – This Is Why
08. Dibiase – Cybertron
09. Letherette – Roses
10. Shawn Lee feat Princess Superstar – Anger Management
11. Shawn Lee Presents The Incredible Tabla Band – Apache

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2 Responses to “Ubiquity Records Presents – Save The Music”

  1. Jhenely says:

    Jed and Lucia – This Is Why

    My new favorite song

  2. AZX says:

    can you reup please ? thanks

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