Sir Froderick – Heartaches & Beatbreaks


Sir Froderick’s true origins are something of mystery and legend. It’s told that as a baby he was found in an abandoned nightclub in East London with nothing to survive on but records and beer. Since migrating to Philadelphia, he’s been churning out beats for over 10 years. Call him alchemist or musical MacGyver, Froderick is known to find a sample in the most obscure of sources and transform it into a beat most whiplash-inducing. With influences ranging from p-funk to glitch-hop, his sound is hard to categorize, but surely something to throw your knickers at.

After an emotional seperation Froderick found himself in the lab tinkering with different sounds. The result is his poignant debut album that takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions from that relationship

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01. Canttakeit
02. Comehomealready
03. Justforamoment
04. Goodfeelings
05. Sweetnothings
06. Welove
07. Smiling
08. Twiceashigh
09. Holland
10. Froderick
11. Cantyouseee
12. Holdit
13. Inglouriousbastard
14. Lookwhatudone
15. Braindamage
16. Sirwayoftheworld
17. Loverazor
18. Taketime
19. Understand
20. Allineed
21. Uprobablyfallinlove

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  1. Leif says:

    this album is worth the download just for the Reading Rainbow sample on “Twiceashigh”

  2. boom shalak lak says:

    too bad they requested link removal… I often buy music I download here

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