Samiyam – Sam Baker’s Album


Coming out with one of the most anticipated and long-awaited albums so far on Brainfeeder is Samiyam aka Sam Baker. Sam Baker’s Debut Album is 40 minutes of pure listening pleasure, a series of woozy, off-centre hip hop instrumentals drawing heavily on Baker’s love of electronic funk but never in hock to it. Intensely detailed and carrying considerable emotional weight, this is not Rap Beats Volume 2 but an album of fully-realised pieces of music which stand on their own without the need for an MC’s intervention.

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01. Escape
02. Bedtime
03. Pressure
04. Bricks
05. Already
06. Frosting Packets
07. Kitties
08. Where Am I?
09. Cushion
10. Turtles
11. My Buddy
12. No Dinner
13. Understanding
14. Wonton Special
15. Taco Delay
16. Lifesized Stuffed Animal
17. Sometimes

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4 Responses to “Samiyam – Sam Baker’s Album”

  1. Jhenely says:

    This is samiyams greatest work yet. He just took his own style to the next level

  2. Matts says:

    Great post man, i recently found your blog and i have to say that its got all the music i want, really, do you know anything about dza´s supershark album, i´d dig to hear what you think about it

  3. tak4prez says:

    aw man, i’ve been looking forward to this one. bringing the heat as always. thanks!

  4. Loudj says:

    Where is the link for Samiyan’s LP???

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