Mo Kolours – EP1: Drum Talking


Some records seem to come out of nowhere. Witness this debut EP by the half-Mauritian percussionist & singer Mo Kolours, which unites an array of more familiar influences with the Sega music of his island roots. The rhythms lead the way here, whether the straight percussive workout of Drum Talking or the crafty vocal manipulation that drives the low-slung bump of Biddies, a song that traces an imaginary line between Theo Parrish and Gonjasufi. Dead of Night mines the symbolism of The Beatles’ outwardly chirpy Blackbird while his own Bakiraq (like Burt, the songwriter) resembles a soul classic pieced together from fragments around the flickering light of a fire.

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01. Intro
02. Bakiraq
03. Drum Talking
04. Biddies
05. Dead Of Night
06. 8 Hours
07. Outro: I’m The Drum
08. Biddies (Truth Is Light Edit)

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2 Responses to “Mo Kolours – EP1: Drum Talking”

  1. Rokstedi says:

    Agreed. This shit is bananas!!!! Been burning for all my buds and burning all my buds listening to it.

  2. anna says:

    been looking forward to this one! thanks!

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