John Coltrane – A Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition)


John Coltrane saw the album-length suite A Love Supreme as his gift to God. The world has come to see it as a classic — not only Coltrane’s best-known work, but one of the most important and influential jazz records ever made. Now, for the first time, the full story of A Love Supreme is available in one package.

The first disc of this deluxe edition consists of A Love Supreme as released in 1965. The second disc includes the John Coltrane Quartet’s only live performance of the suite, recorded at the Antibes jazz festival that summer and receiving its first authorized release. Most notably, it also includes the long-rumored sextet version of the opening movement, receiving its first release of any kind.

Mastered by the original recording engineer, Rudy Van Gelder, and containing extensive annotation and many photographs, this is the definitive edition of an indisputable masterpiece.


01. Part 1 – Acknowledgement
02. Part 2 – Resolution
03. Part 3 – Pursuance
04. Part 4 – Psalm

01. Introduction by André Francis
02. Part 1 – Acknowledegment (Live Version)
03. Part 2 – Resolution (Live Version)
04. Part 3 – Pursuance (Live Version)
05. Part 4 – Psalm (Live Version)
06. Part 2 – Resolution (Alternate Take)
07. Part 2 – Resolution (Breakdown)
08. Part 1 – Acknowledgment (Alternate Take)
09. Part 1 – Acknowledgment (Alternate Take 2)

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