DZA – Five-Finger Remixes


DZA is a super-versatile beat maker from Moscow, RBMA graduate, Pitchfork coverboy, and alongside fellow Pixelord head to the ‘Fly Russia’ movement. He made his debut to the world in 2010 when EB released his beat tape ‘Five-Finger Discount’. Shortly after, DZA asked friends to remix single tracks off his tape.

The results are now bundled into epic 60 minutes of ‘Five-Finger Remixes’ available all digital and as a lush white music cassette of only 100 copies. The tape comes with an exclusive sticker, full audio download and a special discount.

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01. Dabl Trabl (Mujuice Triple Trouble)
02. Flogram (Rbe Remix)
03. Softgram (Ichiro-Katte Re-edit)
04. Eskimo (Montgomery Clunk Remix)
05. Flogram (Dynooo’s Crakkk Remix)
06. Softgram (Krampfhaft Remix)
07. Shifty (Miracle Libido Remix)
08. Flogram (Pixelord Remix)
09. Downtown Honeymoon (Miqi O. Remix)
10. Shifty (NiRE Remix)
11. Eskimo (Demokracy Remix)
12. Downtown Honeymoon (AEED Remix)
13. Softgram (Appleyard Soft Remix)
14. Hey Rake! (Rbe Remix)
15. Softgram (Planet Soap Remix)
16. Softgram (BUSTED by heRobust)
17. Shifty (Homeless Inc. Remix)
18. Hey Rake! (Vaiper Despotin Dead End Refunk)
19. Softgram (Kid sW!Ng Remix)

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  1. Matts says:

    Nice post. Keep up the nice things man.

  2. Be'NZ says:

    All the way from New Zealand…nice blog man! What kind of beats does this guy make? is it soul/funk/electronica? or more the house stuff?

    Just asking cause my internet is slow but it’s it more funk, i’ll download it lol

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